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Welcome to my website! (Introduction/Gear)

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

My name is David Bernot, I'm a jazz saxophonist living in Denver Colorado!

Thank you to whoever may be reading this and has decided to visit my new website! Whether you've found me through my music, my social medias, or we've met in person, I appreciate you for checking out my website and hope you'll enjoy your visit!

Photos taken by Diana Yakhlef (Chromatic Mirage Photography)

More About Me

For those who don't know anything about me, I'm 25 years old and currently a freelance saxophonist and educator in Colorado, United States. Originally from Gilbert, Arizona I've been playing the saxophone for over 15 years as of writing this. I'm currently a teacher assistant at the University of Colorado Denver, where I'm also working on my Masters degree in Jazz Studies and Pedagogy. I received my undergrad in 2016 from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, and also received a performance certificate from the same school in 2017.

While my favorite genre to play is jazz music, I play gigs in many different styles of music, depending on the call. Sometimes I'm asked to play in a musical theater pit, while other times like recently, I'll play a mix of salsa and EDM gigs. Still, my passions lie in jazz and I'm especially into current saxophonists such as, Seamus Blake, Donny McCaslin, Joshua Redman, Troy Roberts and Chris Potter. Although my first ever influence was Michael Brecker, I've grown to love many starkly different tenor sounds from Wayne Shorter, to Coltrane, to Sonny Rollins and have recently been digging more into older influential players like Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young thanks to my classes at CU Boulder.

I'm also a composer and educator. I love to study scores and listen to the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra and James Darcy Argue's Secret Society, as well as classics like Thad Jones, Count Basie and Ellington. I currently teach privately, I run a big band at CU as one of my TA duties and when I have time I try to be involved with a local jazz program named Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts.

I hope to use this as a forum to share the things I'm checking out and hopefully learn from those who might read my posts and have things to share with me! :)

My Gear

As of writing this in February 2020 my saxophone gear list is as follows,

Tenor Saxophone-Martin Handcraft 1938

Alto Saxophone-Yamaha YAS 875-EX

Mouthpiece-Meyer Hard Rubber tip:7*


Soprano Saxophone-Yamaha YSS 475II

Mouthpiece-Selmer S421F


Baritone Saxophone-Conn 12m 1958

Mouthpiece-SYOS tip:8 (With SYOS Ligature)

Reeds-D'addario Jazz Selects Filed 3S-3M

I've included links to available products, with saxophones and mouthpiece, I always suggest being able to try them before committing to the purchase. Ordering online is convenient, but be sure to try out the item quickly, with plenty of time to return if its not a good match!

Thank You!

Thank you again for reading. Let's keep learning and practicing this art form together!

Photo credits go to the amazing Diana Yakhlef, her page is called Chromatic Mirage Photography!

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